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Welcome to Warpath

Warpath is an online community of 100s of UK domain owners and other individuals who run webites mostly for pleasure and to further the rich tapestry of the internet and to continue its primary function, the distribution and availability of information.

Background and History
Warpath was formed in September 2015 as a non profit organisation that works for our members website. We organise sponsorship of our members UK based websites. The fees we charged clients are for the maintaince of these websites and to guarentee their future by supplying funds for doman registration and hosting.

Sponsoring a website
If you have come to this site to sponsor a website please read the sponsorship introduction first

Joining Warpath
You can join Warpath if you have a website that is non commercial in nature, receives traffic,is over three years old and has unique and interesting content.  Join warpath

Thank you for visiting our website.